8 Cheap & Effective Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Great 24/7

I am OBSESSED with nice smells.  If you wander around my house for any amount of time, you will find ALL of the items listed below.   I’ve compiled a list of cheap and effective ways that I personally use to keep my house smelling great 24/7.

1.  Spray your favorite scent on your fabric furniture and drapes

perfumebodyYou just want to do a squirt or two.  Just enough to smell nice but not be overpowering.  Your want it to be a light lingering scent, not something strong and distracting.   If you are like me and like for your house to smell good – especially when company is around, here is a quick tip – spray one or two spritzes of your FAVORITE scent on your shower curtain in the bathroom.   I use Flora by Gucci because it is particularly strong and one quick squirt on my shower curtain is enough to hold the deliciously fresh scent in the bathroom for a few days.

2.  For a good nights sleep – mist your bedspread with a calming scent

If you have a significant other, please get approval on the scent first!  Body sprays are PERFECT for this.  I tend to go for fresh and floral scents.  Scents like JASMINE, LAVENDER, and CHAMOMILE are calming and relaxing and can help you unwind for bedtime.

3.  Reed diffusers work best up close


I find that the reed diffusers smell great, but only at a short distance from the actual diffuser.  Because of this, the only places that I usually would put a reed diffuser is on my desk or on top of the toilet – basically anywhere where you would be close to it.  You can either make your own reed diffuser or buy one from a store.

4.  Plug-ins are great for those who want to set it and forget it

YankeeCandleScentPlugPlug ins are a great way to get a uniform scent across your home.  You buy them once, plug them in, and forget about it!  They can provide long lasting scent for 1-3 months.  You can even adjust the dials on them to determine how strong you would like for the scent to be.  My favorite plug ins are from Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works


5.  Freshen closed spaces with scent sachets

scentsachetStick a scent sachet or two in your closet, dresser, or under the seat of your car.  I find that these work best in closed spaces.  I am obsessed with nice smells so I tend to put sweet smelling packets in my linen closet and under my car seats.  These can be pretty cheap (under $5 for 3) and don’t last as long as some of the other methods, but for the price, it’s not so bad.  To save costs, you can even make your own!

6.  Scented Candles -Romantic & Fun!

eucalyptusmintI absolutely love, love, LOVE scented candles!  They set the mood for the room – they can be very romantic – and the smell payoff is great.  My current favorites are Euclyptus Mint and Midnight Jasmine.  An important tip is to keep the lid for your candles – when you need to put them out, DO NOT blow them out – this will give you a waxy blown out candle smell which (in my opinion) RUINS the smell that you worked so hard for!  Instead, close the lid to put the scented candle out, this will not only stop that awful wax-burning-candle smell, it will also preserve much of the melted wax, allowing for the scented candle to last longer.  


7. How to get rid of a burnt smell?  Incense sticks!


I have a problem – I burn rice about 25% of the time.  I don’t know why, I am actually a great cook, but for some reason when it comes to rice, I need to measure it with a measuring cup – I mean under the meniscus and everything and also put on a timer.  Without these steps, I will almost always end up with burned rice.  If you want to how to get rid of a burnt smell in your house, burn some incense!  Incense is great for getting rid of any type of burned food smells.  I always have a package (or two) of incense handy.

8.  For an all natural fragrance, try Essential Oils 

I love using essential oils to lightly wipe down my counter tops after cleaning – or I add a few drops of my favorite essential oils  to my cleaning solution when I clean my floors.  This gives my home a light, all-over refreshing smell.  Also, I like to put a few drops in my electric diffusers – this works great as well.


Quick Tips:

I would recommend sticking with one theme in the entire house – you don’t want to have too many scents flying around!  Stick with scents that compliment each other and smell great not only to you, but to others as well.

Want to go the all natural route?  You can make your own body mist or reed diffusers as well!  Aromatherapy is great for enhancing your mood.  Here is a post on different all natural aromatic scents and perfumes.


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